Broadcast your radio station

We can broadcast your radio station to 430,000 people in our coverage area.

In order to get on air with us you’ll need:

  • A licence from Ofcom – either as a Community Radio Station (C-DSP) or a Commercial Radio Station (DSP).
  • Music licences from PPL and PRS
  • A good quality audio stream on the Internet.

Digital Radio allows you to broadcast flexibly at different bitrates and audio qualities. We charge based on how much bit rate you use and how long you sign a contract for.

Fees for Community Radio Stations

Community Radio Stations holding a C-DSP licence and based in our coverage area can be carried in our reserved capacity at 48 kbit/s for £100 per month. We have up to six slots available for this station category.

Fees for All Other Radio Services

Any other broadcaster and/or data service holding a DSP licence can be carried at 48 kbit/s for £450 per month (good quality stereo) or £300 per month (moderate quality stereo). These fees can also be applied pro-rata if you require higher or lower bit rates.

Ready to start broadcasting?

Fill in our broadcast enquiry form and one of our team will contact you to discuss your requirements.

More Information

Population coverage is approximately 430,000 adults. (Coverage map provided)
Capacity is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
Requests for capacity that are wait-listed must be reconfirmed every 6 months.
All services should broadcast in DAB+. Exceptions will only be made where they are well-supported and unavoidable.
A carriage agreement will need to be entered between the parties before a service provider can be carried on the multiplex. Carriage agreements will be for a minimum term of 12 months from the start date, with provision to terminate after that period on not less than 3 months written notice.
Short term temporary services are also available.
Fees will be payable quarterly in advance and will be subject to annual review.

Service providers will need to obtain all necessary statutory and music royalty licences.
These prices assume you will either push a compatible stream to our multiplexer or allow us to use your existing internet stream as a source. We can quote separately if you would like a dedicated contribution for best quality.

Issued October 2023